Why is ra!nTM better than FTP?
Ra!n is faster than FTP. Ra!n is encrypted and more secure than FTP. Ra!n will automatically resume where it left off after a quit, connection loss or power failure.
What is my username?
Your username is the email address you used to sign up.
What is my password?
You selected your password when you logged in for the first time.
Can I store my files on ra!n?
No. We regularly delete all files you upload. You need your own Google Cloud account and a configured Storage Bucket to store uploaded files.
Where can I store my files?
ra!n is configured to work with Google Cloud Storage so you need your own Google Cloud account and a configured Storage Bucket to store files online.
How do I upload files?
Simply launch the ra!n application and select the files or folders you want to upload. They will automatically appear in our trial storage. It’s as easy as that. When you sign up, users you add will automatically upload to the storage in your Google Cloud account.
How do I upload files to my Google Cloud?
Your full version of ra!n will be automatically configured to connect to your storage.
How much can I upload?
There is no limit.
Can I download my files?
Since downloads are billed to your Google Account each time and to ensure your files remain secure and not accessible to unauthorized users, you must integrate with ra!n API to authorize each ra!n download and keep your costs under control.
Do I have to pay for online storage?

Yes. You will need to set up a Google Cloud account and configure a Storage Bucket for use with ra!n.

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